Fall 2023 Artswalk Contest

 Enter your artwork in this contest for the chance to win up to $250 in Olyphant Gift Cards and have your artwork shown in our shop during the Fall 2023 Olympia Arts Walk! 


Who: Anyone can enter! 

The theme of the contest is “TENEBRISM.”

For this contest we want you to create artwork that is inspired by tenebrism.  Tenebrism, sometimes called dramatic illumination or the spotlight effect is an art style where subjects are illuminated against backgrounds that are very dark or fully black.  In Italian, ‘tenebroso’ means gloomy, mysterious, or obscured.  Use this prompt as a jumping-off point and remember to let your imaginations run wild! 

When: Entries due September 24th, 2023 11:59 pm PST

How: Email a photo of your submission to 2023artcontest@olyphant.store 

Make sure to include in your email: 

1) A picture of your artwork that is clear and well-lit 

2) Your name

3) Artwork name

4) Artwork size

5) Medium(s) used

Submission Rules:

  • You may send in more than one submission, but only one piece will be chosen per artist.
  • Artwork must be equal to or smaller than 18” x 24”
  • Traditional mediums only.  No digital art.
  • If you win, your artwork must have proper hanging hardware and be dropped off before Thursday, October 5th, 2023.
  • Artists who enter must agree to show/post their artwork on our social media platforms and in-store for community judging and event promotion purposes.

How Judging will work:

First Judging Round: We will announce 3 finalists and 3 honorable mentions by Thursday, September 28th, 2023.  Finalists will be invited to show their artwork in our shop during the month of October for the Olympia Arts Walk. Honorable mentions will have their work posted on our social media platforms.

We will judge based on: 

  • Overall Creativity 
  • How you use the theme
  • Quality of work

Second Judging Round: During the month of October we will ask the community to vote on who will win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place out of the three finalists.


  • 1st Place: $250 Olyphant Gift Card
  • 2nd Place: $100 Olyphant Gift Card
  • 3rd Place: $50 Olyphant Gift Card

Please direct any questions to 2023artcontest@olyphant.store

Image Credits: (Left) Walt Mcdougall. Good Stories For Children. 1902-1905, (Right) Giovanni Baglione. Sacred and Profane Love. 1602–1603