Primo Euro Blend Charcoal Pencil Sets

Primo® Euro Blend Charcoal Pencil Set contains premium charcoal pencils. Created with a unique, creamy formula, they can be used alone or in combination with other charcoal, pastel, or mixed media. Also can be used for quick layouts for oil painting. Handcrafted with genuine Incense Cedar wood.


1 each of Black in "B", "HB" and "3B"
1 White Charcoal Pencil
1 Sharpener
1 Factis Black Eraser

Charcoal Pencils are a form of dry art medium made of finely ground organic materials that are held together by a gum or wax binder, same as compressed charcoal. The amount of binder used determines how hard or soft the charcoal will be.
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Primo Euroblend Charcoal Pencil Set Set of 4 w/ Sharpener & Eraser Assorted $7.69 Out Of Stock
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