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Silver Brush Black Velvet® Voyage™ Travel Brushes

Silver Brush Black Velvet® Voyage™ Travel Brushes

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The Black Velvet® Voyage™ Travel brushes were specifically designed with on-the-go artists in mind. These brushes are the perfect companion for artists who like to sit outdoors to paint or enjoy bringing their art supplies with them when they travel. Voyage™ brushes separate at the middle and the head tucks neatly into the handle for safe storage, plus they’re compact enough to slip right into your pocket. A small hole at the end of the handle allows the brush to dry even when the cap is on. Just like the regular Black Velvet® round, these brushes are excellent for fine lines, details, broad strokes, washes, and more.

Black Velvet® watercolor brushes are handmade by expert artisans who undergo extensive training before they are skilled enough to produce the kind of quality that has become synonymous with Silver Brush Limited. Black Velvet® fine artist brushes feature a unique blend of natural squirrel hair and durable synthetics. The natural hair gives Black Velvet® a full belly that holds a maximum amount of color so you don’t have to reload the brush as often, while the synthetics provide a slight snap that ensures your brush will always come to an extremely fine point. Black Velvet® is soft enough to allow multiple-layer glazing, yet firm enough to lift color with a gentle scrub. Can be used in watercolor, gouache, inks, and dyes.

  • Designed for use in watercolor, gouache, inks and dyes
  • Made with a blend of squirrel hair and synthetic filament. Natural hair makes Black Velvet extremely absorbent and soft while the synthetic filament offers durability and the ability to maintain a fine point or chiseled edge. A watercolor artists’ dream!
  • Perfectly balanced wood handle rests comfortably in your hand 
  • Nickel-plated brass ferrule with triple crimped epoxy barrier to prevent water from damaging the brush
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