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Charcoal Portraiture Class Ticket (April/May 2024)

Charcoal Portraiture Class Ticket (April/May 2024)

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This is a ticket for our 4-week long in-person instructional class! This is not a physical product.

* Show your order receipt (it will be emailed to you, check spam) when you arrive to the first day of class!*


Class Description:

Class description: Learn reductive charcoal drawing techniques for creating depth, dimension, and accuracy in portrait drawing! Weekly homework will be assigned. Critique practice will be developed.

Instructor: Christie Tran

Class Length: 4 weeks

Days & Time: Tuesdays 4pm-6pm

Age Restriction: 15+

Class Dates: April 23rd, April 30th, May 7th, May 14th

Location: In our store! 601 Capitol Way S, Olympia, WA 98501

Lesson Plan Overview

Week 1: Introduction and demo of grid method and reductive charcoal drawing technique.

Week 2: Begin transferring information square by square using additive line work to define shapes on the tone and gridded surface of final portrait.

Week 3: Mid-process critique of portrait work. Check for accuracy and continue defining shapes in portrait. Begin reductive process of removing charcoal with eraser. Begin focus on fine details.

Week 4: Check for accuracy and likeness. Add final details. Final critique.


Brand Name Qty
General’s 2B Charcoal pencil 1
General’s 4B Charcoal Pencil 1
General’s 6B Charcoal Pencil 1
General’s White Charcoal Pencil 1
Staedtler Two-Hole Cylindrical Sharpener 1
General’s Compressed Charcoal 2-Pack 6B 1
Winsor & Newton Vine Charcoal - Soft (3-Pack) 1
Excel Light Duty Knife #K1 1
Faber-Castell Kneaded Eraser 1
Tombow Mono Zero Refillable Stick Eraser (round) 1
Richeson Blending Stump #6 1
Strathmore 400 Series Toned Tan Sketchbook 18”x24” 1
Richeson Drawing Tote Board 23”x26” 1
Art Alternatives 18” Ruler - Steel 1


Bring from home:

  • One black and white 8.5” x 11” print of the image you want to draw
  • Several Q-Tips
  • Sever Cotton Balls

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