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Silver Brush Renaissance® Pure Kolinsky Sable Brushes

Silver Brush Renaissance® Pure Kolinsky Sable Brushes

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Renaissance® brushes are handmade by expert artisans who undergo extensive training before they are skilled enough to produce the kind of quality that has become synonymous with Silver Brush Limited. Renaissance® fine art brushes feature the highest quality Kolinsky class pure red sable that is soft, absorbent, springy and responsive. These brushes have a nice big belly that can hold a maximum amount of color so you don’t have to reload as often and sharp edges so you’ll always have a clean stroke. Renaissance® brushes are one of the choice brushes of modern masters throughout the world for portraiture, landscapes, still lifes, botanicals and more. 

  • Perfect for watercolor and oil paints
  • Prized Kolinsky-class pure red sable
  • Absorbent, soft, springy and responsive
  • Nickel-plated brass ferrule that is double crimped with an epoxy seal to ensure the longevity of your brush

Renaissance® Bright brushes are known for their tight stroke control and sharp edges. Renaissance® brights are perfect for blocking in color, cityscapes, abstracts, landscapes, and so much more. Turn it on its side or use its chiseled tip for fine lines. Great for color swatches!

Specific Way to Clean the Brush:

  • Be sure to clean your Renaissance® brush after each painting session. Letting paint dry in the brush can cause it to not perform as expected. 
  • Rinsing the head of the brush with warm water should be enough to remove most watercolor paints but an artist-grade brush cleaner can be used to make sure all traces of pigment have been cleaned off. 
  • If painting with oils, remove as much paint as possible on a towel and then clean with an artist-grade solvent. 
  • NEVER leave your brush resting in water! This can cause the handle to crack.
  • Always lay your brush flat to dry.
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