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Van Gogh Watercolor Sets

Van Gogh Watercolor Sets

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This watercolor pocket box fit well in the hand and is easy to take along anywhere. The lid holds an easy-to-clean, removable white mixing tray with a large space underneath that can be used to mix washes when the tray is removed.

The pocket box contains: 12 half pans of color, a size 6 synthetic round brush and an instruction booklet. Colors include azo yellow middle, burnt sienna, cerulean blue, Chinese white, madder lake deep, Payne’s gray, permanent lemon yellow, permanent red light, sap green, ultramarine deep, viridian and yellow ochre.

The 18-color half pan set contains: 18 half pans including permanent lemon yellow, azo yellow light, azo yellow deep, vermilion, permanent red deep, madder lake deep, quinacridone rose, cobalt blue ultramarine, ultramarine deep, Prussian blue, permanent green, Hooker's green deep, viridian, sap green, burnt sienna, sepia, burnt umber and yellow ochre red and two 10ml tubes of Chinese white and Payne's gray.

The 12-10 ml Tube set includes: x12 10ml tubes, Azo Yellow Medium, Burnt Sienna, Chinese White, Cobalt Blue, Madder Lake Deep, Payne's Gray, Permanent Green, Permanent Lemon Yellow, Permanent Red Light, Ultramarine Deep, Viridian and Yellow Ochre. Also includes a pointed round pocket brush and a sponge.

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