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Chelsea Classical Studio Citrus Brush Cleaner

Chelsea Classical Studio Citrus Brush Cleaner

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Citrus Essence Brush Cleaner is a safer alternative to turpentine, mineral spirits, and other more toxic solvents. For those concerned about maintaining a clean studio or classroom, this naturally safer brush cleaner has a fruity aroma, emits no carcinogenic fumes, and cleans more thoroughly than other harsher counterparts.


Rinse your brushes in the Studio Brush Cleaner during painting to clean paint from your brushes, and after painting sessions to thoroughly remove paints and mediums from brush hairs prior to storing.


Made from 100% natural distilled citrus fruits, this extremely effective brush cleaning solution is gentle on brush hairs, resulting in longer brush life. It was given a non-toxic AP rating by ACMI (The Art and Creative Materials Institute).

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