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Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground

Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground

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Size: 4 oz jar

Made in Seattle, Washington!

A foundation of Watercolor Ground gives virtually any surface a new texture similar to cold-press watercolor paper. You can achieve the same distinctive, transparent qualities of watercolor on wood, metal, ceramic, plastic, glass, stone, plaster and more.

This archival-quality ground can also be used to add texture or cover flaws.

For Titanium White, Mars Black or Buff Titanium – when applied with 2mm thickness (about the thickness of a nickel):  one 4 oz jar covers approximately 10 square feet; one 16 oz jar covers approximately 41 square feet.

For Pearlescent White, Iridescent Gold or Transparent – when applied with 2mm thickness:  one 4 oz jar covers approximately 7 square feet.

Example:  A sheet of 22”x30” watercolor paper is 4.5 square feet, so a 4oz jar of (A) should cover 2 sheets; (B) should cover 1.5 sheets.

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