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POSCA Acrylic Paint Markers PC-5M

POSCA Acrylic Paint Markers PC-5M

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Non-toxic, water-based POSCA paint markers can be used on almost any surface, and are loved by professionals, creative hobbyists and amateurs alike. The alcohol and solvent-free opaque paint covers well, is blendable, dries quickly and can be overlaid when dry. ACMI certified and made in Japan.
The PC-5M medium bullet tip marker is the "multi-purpose" marker of the POSCA range. It produces neat and precise lines, and is ideal for coloring. An all-around favorite of both professionals and beginners.
  • Suitable for most art and craft projects on over 50 surfaces, including wood, glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, leather and more
  • Water-based paint is ACMI-certified non-toxic
  • Vibrant, opaque, matte & lightfast

Nib Size: 1.8 mm-2.5 mm / Medium

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