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Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencil Sets

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencil Sets

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These premium colored pencils have soft, thick leads, unmatched in brilliance, point strength and blending quality. They offer smooth, versatile coverage that can be vivid and intense in one stroke and subtle and soft in the next. 

  • Thick cores are made of permanent pigments in wax binder that resist fading
  • Crumble-resistant
  • Round cedar wood case matches lead color.

12-Color Basic Set includes PC903 True Blue, PC909 Grass Green, PC912 Apple Green, PC916 Canary Yellow, PC918 Orange, PC924 Crimson Red, PC932 Violet, PC933 Violet Blue, PC945 Sienna Brown, PC946 Dark Brown, PC935 Black and PC938 White.

24-Color Set includes True Blue, Grass Green, Apple Green, Canary Yellow, Orange, Crimson Red, Violet, Violet Blue, Sienna Brown, Dark Brown, Indigo Blue, Light Cerulean Blue, Dark Green, True Green, Poppy Red, Pink, Tuscan Red, Peach, Mulberry, Spanish Orange, Parma Violet, Goldenrod, Black and White.

48-Color Set includes includes PC903 True Blue, PC904 Light Cerulean Blue, PC908 Dark Green, PC909 Grass Green, PC910 True Green, PC912 Apple Green, PC916 Canary Yellow, PC918 Orange, PC922 Poppy Red, PC924 Crimson Red, PC929 Pink, PC932 Violet, PC945 Sienna Brown, PC946 Dark Brown, PC995 Mulberry, PC1003 Spanish Orange, PC1008 Parma Violet, PC1034 Goldenrod, PC902 Ultramarine, PC905 Aquamarine, PC911 Olive Green, PC913 Spring Green, PC914 Cream, PC921 Pale Vermilion, PC926 Carmine Red, PC927 Light Peach, PC928 Blush Pink, PC930 Magenta, PC941 Light Umber, PC942 Yellow Ochre, PC943 Burnt Ochre, PC947 Dark Umber, PC949 Metallic Silver, PC950 Metallic Gold, PC956 Lilac, PC989 Chartreuse, PC992 Light Aqua, PC994 Process Red, PC1002 Yellowed Orange, PC1005 Limepeel, PC1011 Deco Yellow, PC1027 Peacock Blue.


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